Handy Tip!  - Our Seed Organiser also comes with a useful A4 clear plastic pocket.  Ideal for storing your allotment plans, garden notes or our Guide to Crop Rotation and 4 Year Planner!

Handy Tip! - You will see (photo left) that some of the seed packets are "ticked".  We at Eastons like to "tick" the seed packets that we have sown so any packets left "unticked" either have still to be sown or to be left until the following year.   That's just us though.. you can do whatever method that suits you best!

If you would like some help on growing vegetables, see ourGuide to Crop Rotation and 4 Year Planner- only £1.99 incl. p&p

Due to the enormous interest in our Seed Organiser from Schools, Childminders, parents etc. we have decided to create a version just for them   Please check out our


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Only £23.99
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The Passion for Sowing is Growing!

The most exciting thing a gardener can achieve is to grow plants from seed. It seems so amazing that a plant can grow from what appears to be a small, brown granule! 

Growing plants from seeds presents a number of benefits, including a huge variety of plants to choose from, 100% organic gardening, it is significantly cheaper than buying grown plants, and you'll get to enjoy the gardening process. Thankfully, if you're willing to exercise your patience, nearly anyone can accomplish growing plants from seed

Other advantages of growing from seed are:-
  • Growing your own plants from seeds gives you the opportunity to grow varieties not available in the shops.
  • You are able to create vital wildflower areas from seeds and in turn attract beneficial pollinating insects.
  • Fruit, vegetables and herbs are also easy to grow from seed and you will save lots of money compared to the supermarket one!
Easton's are also passionate about growing from seed and that's why we designed, produced and handcrafted the Easton's Seed Organiser.  A quality, practical and informative seed storage solution that will benefit gardeners for many years to come!

Reasons why Allotment and Kitchen Gardeners love our Seed Organiser

Eastons are keen vegetable growers and also have an allotment!  One of the reasons we like growing our own fruit, veg.and herbs by seed is that it offers more variety, we can grow organically, plus it has now been proven that home grown veg and fruit is better for you nutritionally.

Here's a few reasons why our Seed Organiser can help you not just store your seed, but also save you time and inspire you to try new varieties of seed.

  • You can move the plastic seed storage pockets around to suit your own requirements, i.e. if you grow more veg than flowers, then just put the pockets into the fruit and veg section.
  • if you like to grow different varieties of a vegetable, courgette for example, you can store them next to eachother so it will be easy to find them.  (See pic below)
  • You can buy more refill pockets too.. so if you grow lots of varieties of fruit and veg you will easily be able to store them and our large binder can hold enough seeds for the most avid kitchen gardener!
  • No more time consuming chore every year of turning over the seed packets to try and find out when they need sowing.  They are already in the relevant sowing month.
  • Don't forget too that the organiser also contains larger pockets for bigger runner beans, peas type seeds (see pic below.)
  • Our Seed Organiser also comes with an A4 clear plastic pocket - ideal for storing your allotment plans, notes or Guide to Crop Rotation and 4 Year Planner!  (See pic below)

Our aim is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get more involved in helping their environment and wildlife. 


We are also keen to promote growing by seed, recycling, organic gardening and the health benefits that gardening can bring.

How to motivate children to get some fresh air and exercise in the garden!

Children love planting seeds and watching them grow!  They can learn

so many things from growing by seed such as:-

  • nurturing and patience
  • caring for the environment
  • the life cycle of plants
  • and where their food comes from,

In our "Gardening with Children" Section, we have some advice on

"Motivating Minis" and encourage them to get out into the

fresh air and have fun in the garden!

Don't forget to check out our Easton's Guide to Safety in the Garden

to help you and your family keep safe in the allotment or garden.

Our customers said that they "would never go back to storing their seeds in a shoebox again!   

See below for some more of our customer comments:-

"What a terrific idea!   I don't have to keep going though all the packets every year and turning them over to sort them out and read when to sow.", Linda Munton, Hull

"Absolutely great.. I use it all the time.  Wish I had one years ago!",

Ray Cooke, Lincolnshire

"I like the way I can store all my notes or seed catalogues in the binder too",

G Lovell, Devon.

"My wife and I have an allotment and this is just perfect for all our seeds.  We've ordered more pockets too as we have so many seed packets!",

John and Tessa Davenport, Surrey.

"A great gift for the gardener that has everything!"

Barbara Daley, Cleveland

"I like the seed sowing calendar too.. it's really helpful"...

Jackie Nesmith, Nottingham

"My children love using the template to make their own seed packets".

.. Nicky Thompson, Lincolnshire

"I bought this as a Father's Day gift - my Dad thinks it's brilliant - beats his old biscuit tin hands down!".

.. Mary Dawson, Lincolnshire

"It has some really good advice too - I'm fairly new to gardening and this really helps!"...

, Jonathan Middleton, Lincolnshire

"Well worth the money.. good quality and nice that it's made in the UK"... Doug Taylor, Lincolnshire

 Our  Easton's Seed Organiser  is the perfect gift for any gardener that enjoys growing plants from seeds